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Your path to CFM

Demonstrate your mastery of the FM body of knowledge

Prepping for the Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) exam isn't complicated. We'll show you how.

Below, you can view the paths to eligibility and options available to prepare to earn the preeminent certification of FM.

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Locate a testing center near you

Test virtually or in-person

As a highly trusted test provider, Prometric has around 8,000 testing centers worldwide, allowing for a wide selection of convenient testing dates and locations.

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 CFM exam prep resources

While no training or coursework is required to take the CFM exam – you can use our optional prep resources to understand exam methodology: how questions are structured and weighted, and more.

Learn exam methodology from anywhere that you can attend a live, virtual workshop
  • 4 hours spread over two mornings with IFMA-qualified instructors
  • Provides a review of the overall methodology of the CFM exam.

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  • Computer-based practice exam with 90 questions and up to 5 retakes
  • Experience how exam questions are phrased
  • Doesn’t test the depth of your FM knowledge

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IFMA’s Education Training Affiliates are established providers of adult learning in regions around the world, a partnership that furthers the mission of advancing the professional discipline of facility management worldwide.

ETAs are approved by IFMA and offer courses led by IFMA Qualified Instructors — including the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) preparatory courses for the CFM Exam — to learners in their region.

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IFMA's core competency courses fill your knowledge gaps so you can confidently know the core competencies of FM.

The CFM exam questions are based off of these core competencies. You will earn CEUs and elevate your FM knowledge.

Materials offered by IFMA to prepare for the CFM Exam, such as the CFM Exam Prep Workshop and CFM practice exams, are optional study resources and are not a requirement of eligibility, nor are they endorsed by the IFMA Certification Commission.

Waiting to take the CFM Exam?

Upskill while you wait to become eligible

While you wait to apply to take the CFM exam, get training that immediately boosts your facility skills and knowledge, as well as grows your knowledge in the 11 core competencies of FM, which makes up the subject matter for the CFM Exam questions.

The Essentials of Facility Management is the perfect course for facility professionals just entering the industry or transitioning from a different career. Understand key concepts of FM and learn the language so you can achieve greater success.

Essentials of FM→

For FMs with a year or more experience, the Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential forms your foundation of facilities knowledge. Study the 4 pillar competencies of FM and gain the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective, efficient FM.

Facility Management Professional (FMP)→

The CFM Exam tests your ability to apply knowledge in the 11 core competencies of facility management.

Pick your perfect training by enrolling only in the courses you need to fill your knowledge gaps and ensure you understand a particular competency. Earn CEUs while upskilling and rounding out your FM knowledge.

Core Competency Courses→

11 core competencies


Our Self-Assessment Tool maps your strengths across the FM body of knowledge so you can build a bespoke learning plan and round out your knowledge of the 11 core competencies.

Avoid training in areas you've already mastered, spending time only on the competencies you need.

IFMA's Self-Assessment Tool →

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CFM exam eligibility questions? Contact our Credentials Team.



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