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Europe Operations & Maintenance Benchmarks 

Three-part white paper series

IFMA has embarked on a global effort to disseminate facility operations and performance data. In 2021, facility professionals from 56 facilities in 8 different European countries self-reported on the previous 12 months providing key insights for the three focus areas of each report. 
White paper #1

Sustainability Programs & Initiatives

This white paper focuses on sustainable operations and maintenance practices and is the first in a series of three reports summarizing performance of select buildings throughout Europe.

White paper #2

Concierge Services & Contract Management Practices

This white paper focuses on concierge/ housekeeping as well as the use of in-house versus outsources services for a variety of facility service contract types.

White paper #3

Maintenance Costs & Facility Soft Services Practices

This white paper focuses on maintenance costs and facility soft services practices for a variety of facility industry sectors.