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IFMA - the world’s largest association for facility managers - is pleased to provide your members with the opportunity to gain insight into facility management. Whether you are new to facility management, transitioning into an FM role or learning more about a specific topic, IFMA’s courses and events will help you fill your knowledge gaps. As a member of a partner association, you receive the IFMA Member Price on 17 IFMA courses and IFMA's World Workplace and Facility Fusion. 

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Essentials of Facility Management Series

Learn the basics of FM while expanding your knowledge of key concepts needed for greater success. The Essentials will help you understand key concepts of FM including terminology and tactics, learn the planning and scheduling of daily FM tasks and realize facility management’s value to an organization.

Module 1 Introduction to Facility Management
In this module, facility managers will be introduced to key concepts of facility management that range from the role they play in the organization to the skill sets and competencies required to effectively perform their work. View the course.

Module 1: Introduction to Operations and Maintenance
In this module, you will be introduced to key concepts of FM operations and maintenance. View the course.

Module 2: The Basics of Building Systems
In this module, you will receive a general overview of each of the major building systems to identify when building equipment is being serviced properly, and better understand how to manage the personnel who attend the building equipment. View the course.

Module 3: The Application of Technology
In this module, you will gain an understanding of software technologies used in FM, including Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) as well as “cloud” and SaaS software applications. View the course.

Module 4: The Implications of Health and Safety in Managing Buildings
In this module, you will learn how health and safety affect occupants and FM operations, addressing the standards and processes for conducting related risk assessments. View the course.

Module 1: Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management
You will gain an understanding of the facility supervisor’s “work management” role in the organization – particularly concerning time and resource management, productivity, decision-making, communication and leadership. View the course.

Module 2: Applying Work Management to Building Systems
The different types of facility work are discussed along with the various work management programs used to perform work tasks. In addition, key principles of planning and scheduling work are explained. Finally, this workshop covers the basics of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) used in facility work management. View the course.

Module 3: Work Management Tools in Facility Management
Learners will explore various work management tools utilized in an FM organization.  Addressing the role of productivity in the effective management of facilities, the determination and calculation of productivity metrics is discussed along with the basics of automated work management. View the course.

Module 4: Managing Contractors in Facility Management
You will review different types of facility contracts and how to use them to enhance the FM Function, addressing the steps necessary to write a request for proposal and ways to achieve successful partnerships with service providers. View the course.

Module 5:Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in FM
Learners will gain an understanding of how to meet customer expectations and increase client satisfaction, addressing different methods of collecting customer feedback and techniques for processing both positive and negative customer feedback. View the course.

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FM Core Competency Courses

Fill your FM knowledge gaps and expand your professional practice with a deep dive into 7 of FM's core competencies. Upskill and earn CEUs and a digital badge that verifies your new knowledge in:

Icon, P&Q - transparentThis course will help you develop a “systems thinking” perspective and provide critical insights that apply to quality-related FM practices.  Many performance and quality management techniques and practices described in this course have been around for years. The course brings them together and provides a comprehensive toolbox specific to facility management.  View the course.

Icon, Real Estate - TransparentFacilities represent a large part of any organization's assets – whether small or large, incorporated or unincorporated, public or private, profit or not-4-profit, domestic or international. There are many significant costs, risks and opportunities associated with owning and leasing facilities. Facility Managers need to understand the principles and practices of real estate and how these contribute to achieving the core business strategies of the demand organization.

This course examines the interface between real estate decisions, facility management functions and the ability of the demand organization to achieve its goals.  Learners will find out how to develop and implement a real estate strategy that includes methods to access, acquire, manage and dispose of physical assets.  View the course.

Icon, Sustainability - TransparentAn organization today is judged not just on the basis of the quality of the goods and services it produces but also on the care it shows people (both inside and outside the organization) and the environment. Additionally, many global drivers are pushing sustainability to the forefront of business, government and social conversations throughout the world.

As business leaders step up the corporate response to the sustainability agenda, facility managers are increasingly being asked to deliver support service that is broader and deeper than ever before. Sustainable development, as a concept, forces organizations to shift their focus from short term to long term. Facility management is a vital function, a service that supports the people who deliver the core business and is essential to the demand organization’s aspirations for corporate social responsibility.  View the course.

Icon, Comm - transparentThe goal of the communication course is to review, discuss, and explain the fundamental knowledge and skills a facility manager needs to be an effective and efficient communicator. This applies to formal and informal interaction. Such competence enables the facility manager to:

  • Prepares and deliver messages to achieve the intended result.
  • Develop, manage, or oversee the facility management communication plan.
  • Improve positive visibility of the FM function to all stakeholders.
  • Communicate effective and appropriately with senior management.
View the course.

Icon, Risk -transparentRisk management has become a critical component of strategic management. It is the way an organization can live with the uncomfortable reality of risk. The facility manager’s role in risk management is to understand the vulnerabilities of the organization’s structures and infrastructure and balance the critical nature of the demand organization’s mission and functions against the possible occurrence and impact of a risk event. 

 IFMA’s Risk Management course will prepare facility managers to support their organization’s risk management strategies for building a resilient organization. View the course.

Icon, occupancy - transparentOne of the largest cost component during the facility life cycle is the salaries and benefits of occupants. When considered with this perspective, FM practices that support the productivity of people, organizational effectiveness, and minimize risk and liability is critical to the success of the demand organization. 

The competency, Occupancy and Human Factors, addresses the people element in the FM model. This course focuses on employee engagement and culture and crafting workplace experiences that reinforce the demand organization’s value proposition. View the course.

Icon, Tech - transparentFacility technology solutions are evolving at a rapid pace. Facility managers are required to analyze enormous quantities of facility data and to act quickly on the information in support of the demand organization’s core business objectives. Today, many of the most essential tools for effective FM are digital, requiring facility managers to develop new knowledge and skillsets to be effective in their roles.

This course provides a starting point for facility mangers who want to start a dialogue the organization’s IT function and other stakeholders and to understand how to leverage modern tools and techniques for today’s workplaces and occupants. View the course.

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IFMA's World Workplace Conference and Expo

World Workplace is the largest, most popular facility management conference in the world. Started in 1980, IFMA’s World Workplace has been leading groundbreaking discussions and sharing best practices for all professionals in the built environment. It’s the best event for you to network, discover new trends and develop your career.  Learn More


Facility Fusion Conference and Expo

Facility Fusion is about building future-ready leadership skills; exploring what’s possible for our facilities, industry and careers; synthesizing ideas and industries for a new world of work; fusing methods and mindsets from both within and outside of FM; and having the tools to adapt to rapid change. This is the event for FM leaders. Learn More

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