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April 2024

Elevating FM with a Focus on Employee Experience

Siloed technology and data cobbling burden FMs and negatively impact the workplace experience for occupants. This session, presented in partnership with Nuvolo at IFMA World Workplace 2023, shares the “for the operator, by the operator” approach to technology decisions. The panel walks through a development process to simplify and align the technology tools used to manage operations and create a standardized, foundational system that’s flexible enough to meet the current and future needs of each client, by location. These key learnings and challenges can apply to any facility manager.

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Retail 4.17.2024 (1)
Transforming Retail: The Imperative Trends Driving Sustainability Initiatives for a Greener Future
April 17 | 11 AM ET-US

Join the Retail Facilities Council to examine the critical trends compelling retailers to embrace sustainable initiatives for a greener future. From evolving consumer preferences to regulatory pressures, we'll examine the driving forces behind this transformation. This webinar offers invaluable insights to navigate the sustainability imperative and thrive in the retail sector of tomorrow.

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OMHS article
The Rising Tide of Facility Maintenance Costs: A Call of Optimization and Schedular Planners

FM is facing a pressing challenge: the ever-escalating maintenance cost. This upward trend is poised to continue in the coming years, with a projected average annual increase of 5% over the next five years - an anticipated 25% surge in facility maintenance costs by 2028. In the face of these escalating costs, organizations must optimize their resources and leverage innovative tools to deliver maximum value. Enter the scheduler planner, a pivotal role in any maintenance organization.

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Earth Day
Earth Day Resources
Earth Day is April 22, 2024

Sustainability is a topic facility managers focus on year-round, and Earth Day is an opportunity for you to share your sustainability efforts - and to get your tenants and guests involved. IFMA's resources can help in your efforts to safeguard our planet and fight for a brighter future!

Check out these resources and find even more in IFMA's Knowledge Library.

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  • From Deskside to Dumpster: Designing an Effective Recycling and Waste Collection Program Read Now
  • ESG and Facility Management Read Now
  • Connected FM Podcast
    • Interview with Laurie Gilmer on Sustainability and the SFP Listen Now
    • SDG, NGO, DEI, GWI: The ABCs of Sustainable Development Listen Now
    • Balancing the ‘E’ and ‘S’ of ESG – Creating Offices that Benefit both People and the Planet Listen Now
  • Connected FM Blog
    • What is ESG? The 7 Steps Model Read Now
    • Implementing Globally Relevant Green Initiatives Read Now
    • Accelerating the Journey to Net-Zero Read Now
  • Webinars
    • Panel discussion on social sustainability (in Swedish) Watch Now
    • Sustainability Training at IFMA Watch Now

Data - The New Currency

Dean Stanberry, Lisa Stanley and Matt Tucker discuss the significance of data. They discuss the importance of lifelong learning in navigating digital transformation, managing cybersecurity risks, and leveraging artificial intelligence. At the end they also share resources available to facility managers to help navigate and adapt to the changing digital landscape.

Free Quarterly Video
Preventative & Deferred Maintenance Reality Check: Fine-Tune Your Equipment Inventory Knowledge

In this presentation, we shed light on the fact that while buildings are constantly changing, maintenance teams chase a moving target in knowing where equipment is in the field. A challenge associated with preventive maintenance for buildings is locating and taking inventory of all the equipment needing attention, all while buildings are constantly changing due to renovations, construction, labor shortages and retirements. Teams often rely on memory of legacy staff, but when long-time employees retire, facility knowledge goes away too. Full IFMA members can access the video for free, April 1- June 30, 2024. Watch the video

Connected FM Blog: Does Sound Masking Cause an Adverse Health Reaction?

In office environments (which typically have a low ambient noise floor), this reduction in intelligibility has the benefits of increasing acoustic privacy, protecting confidentiality, and reducing distant conversational distractions, thereby increasing workplace productivity. 

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