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World FM Day is May 10.  Join us as we celebrate the contributions of the FM community - and the positive impact the profession has on our lives. 

World FM Day

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As a full IFMA member, you have access to a variety of membership benefits to propel your career forward, keep pace with a changing industry and bring added value to your organization. The member benefit of the month is an opportunity for you to gain current information and stay on top of facility management trends. Get started today to make the most out of your membership.

April 2023

LIC April 2023 Webinar (582 × 582 px)
How to Build a Successful Hybrid Office: The Three Basic Elements
April 18, 2023 | 2 PM ET-US

Hybrid operations are here to stay, but building a successful hybrid office that also makes your employees happy? That’s a challenge. With 93% of firms now reporting they want to leverage some type of hoteling, firms must balance opportunities such as optimizing real estate against the challenges of preserving and promoting firm culture in the office. The secret is: hybrid can be successfully and quickly implemented when guided by three simple elements. Join this session with COO of Maptician, AshLea Allberry, as she provides the strategy for building a successful hybrid office that helps firm optimize space and enables employees to connect and collaborate when they are in the office.

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AFC April 2023 (582 × 582 px)
The New Inclusivity: Neurodiversity and Workplace Inclusion
April 25, 2023 | 3 PM ET-US

We are living in a time of increased numbers of individuals with neuro-sensitives and special needs, such as ADHD. These individuals can be high energy, out-of-the box thinkers who excel in a crisis. Join Kay Sargent, Senior Principal and Director of Workplace for HOK, to explore creating spaces that are more physically and culturally inclusive to allow people with a wide spectrum of abilities to thrive.

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IFMA Webinar: Tools, Guides & Resources for Buying FM Technology

Join us on April 5 at 12 PM ET-US to walk through the specific tools, checklists, and resources included in IFMA's latest report, "The Facility Manager's Guide to Procuring Technology."

Free Quarterly Video
Facility Management and Business Continuity

Learn about the commonalities between FM, business continuity, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery.

  • Review the commonalities in FM, business continuity, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery.
  • Recognize that smarter disaster preparedness and recovery will drive smart facility decisions and your credibility.
  • Learn about Public Law 110-53 Private Sector Preparedness and how it sustains facilities for smarter facility management.
  • Implement a program to work closely with disaster recovery and risk management departments to increase visibility.

Full IFMA members can access the video for free until June 30, 2023. Watch the video

Connected FM Podcast: Sustainability and the SFP

In this episode,  Laurie Gilmer talks about the increasingly important role of sustainability in facilities - and the value and benefits of upskilling your sustainability knowledge.

Partner Benefit

Free Printed Copy of SONARE: The Environmental Acoustics Magazine

As companies attempt to draw employees back to the office, occupant satisfaction has never been more important. Organizations need to implement strategies that keep staff happy and productive enough within the workplace that they want to come in. As many employees are concerned with speech privacy and noise control, facility managers need tools to help discuss and plan for effective acoustics. SONARE: The Environmental Acoustics Magazine helps building professionals better understand acoustical issues and how to address them, as well as new perspectives on acoustical comfort, privacy and equity within the workplace.
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Sustainability Best WORST Practices

What not to do to operate an eco-friendly facility...and how to shift more sustainable operations. If sustainability has taken a back seat within your facility operations, now is the time to prioritize more eco-friendly practices before it’s too late. This guide covers common mistakes facilities make (both in overall eco-friendly strategy and more granular tactics), the consequences that can follow, and corresponding solutions that can lead your facility operation’s green program to success. Read the eBook in IFMA's Knowledge Library to see if your facilities are committing any of these environmental oversights.
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Connected FM Blog: Create, Lead and Implement Transformation

Now, more than ever is a great time to connect, grow and innovate - and IFMA’s global community can empower you to create, lead and implement workplace transformation. 

Partner Training

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High-Quality Courses from Thought Leaders

IFMA has partnered with trusted organizations to provide additional education opportunities for crucial aspects of facility management. Your IFMA membership gives you and your team access to the best in facility management training — all in one place. Get special discounts and offers from our industry partners and explore training across cleaning operations, data governance, furniture and more.

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