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May 2024

World FM Day 2024 (2)
World FM Day

This World FM Day, IFMA celebrates the behind-the-scenes heroes of the built environment and the positive impact the profession has on all of our lives.  We'd like to offer three discounts to thank you for all that you do.  Use code WORLDFM2024 May 6-9, 2024 to get 20% off these IFMA programs:

  • Join IFMA save on a full base membership. Offer is available for all new and renewing professional, young professional, retired and associate memberships. 
  • Register for IFMA's World Workplace and save on full event registration. 
  • Purchase the latest research and benchmarking from the IFMA bookstore.

View a list of resources, videos and events on our World FM Day pageThank you for keeping our facilities healthy, safe and productive.

planon may 2024 (1)
What Do We Do with All This Space?
May 22, 2024 | 12 PM ET-US

The purpose of the office has dramatically changed, resulting in a much different outlook on the future of real estate. Change like this has never happened before, and it’s left a huge path of chaos in its wake. Now we are faced with a heated debate over the need for traditional office space in today’s “work from anywhere” culture – with employees ecstatic about the flexibility and freedom of hybrid, and employers fearful of loss of control, productivity, and the impact on the bottom line. Join Darlene Pope and Eddy Wagoner as they discuss this current state of return to office (RTO), the fear of the unknown, and the short and long term impact on commercial and corporate real estate. Register Now 

May 2024 BOTM Village (1)
Networking & Educational Opportunities

Build your FM village so you can network and grow your career! We are excited to showcase the quality content offered by our councils, communities and chapters

  • Community: Circular Economy Discussion Panel presented by IFMA's Sustainability Community Watch Now
  • Council: Peabody Evolved presented by the Museum/Cultural Institutions Council Watch Now
  • Chapter: Decarbonizing the Built Environment presented the New York City Chapter Register Now

View a selection of upcoming events on the Engage Forum, including World FM Day opportunities. Visit Events

Climate change and respiratory whitepaper_582x582px
Climate Change and Respiratory Health in the Built Environment

For years, scientists and researchers have warned us of the effects of climate change on our outdoor environments and ecosystems. But what are the more personal health effects of climate change, and how are extreme weather events also impacting our indoor environments? In this whitepaper, we’ll show how these events are affecting air quality—both indoors and out—and exacerbating chronic respiratory conditions like asthma and severe allergies. Read Now

Connected FM Podcast: Navigating the Labor Market

Delve into the complexities of today's labor market. From the impact of competitive wages to the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, they explore key strategies for organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving workforce landscape.

Free Quarterly Video
Preventative & Deferred Maintenance Reality Check: Fine-Tune Your Equipment Inventory Knowledge

In this presentation, we shed light on the fact that while buildings are constantly changing, maintenance teams chase a moving target in knowing where equipment is in the field. A challenge associated with preventive maintenance for buildings is locating and taking inventory of all the equipment needing attention, all while buildings are constantly changing due to renovations, construction, labor shortages and retirements. Teams often rely on memory of legacy staff, but when long-time employees retire, facility knowledge goes away too. Full IFMA members can access the video for free, April 1- June 30, 2024. Watch the video

Connected FM Blog: Does Sound Masking Cause an Adverse Health Reaction?

Facility managers juggle a complex web of responsibilities to keep buildings running smoothly and their occupants safe. To the outside world, the facility manager's role is often misunderstood. 

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