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Space Planning & Utilization (1)
Benchmarking Survey

Space Planning and Utilization

IFMA is launching the Space Planning Benchmark, and we want YOU on board! In the wake of significant changes spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, this survey is a game-changer in understanding the evolution of our physical workplaces. Your participation is key to providing accurate insights that will shape the future of work environments.

As a token of our appreciation, all participants will receive an exclusive FREE copy of the final, detailed report. Your input is not just valuable; it's celebrated.

Ready to make a difference? Get started today! The survey closes on April 5, 2024.

Vets in FM Tile
Research Survey

Veterans in Facility Management

In this first-of-its-kind report and initial survey, we want to identify specific military, non-military programs and other resources that helped transition active service members to civilian facility management positions. We will also request some basic background information to glean additional insights into these programs/resources. It will take less than five minutes to complete!

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Association Survey

IFMA's Annual Association Survey

We recently launched our Annual Association Survey to gain insights into your thoughts on how IFMA is benefiting your professional career. The survey will remain open through the middle of February 2024. Each member received a specific link on January 15, 2024 to complete your survey. If you did not receive your link, please contact Nickalos Rocha, Director of Benchmarking.

Additional Projects in Progress

The following studies are testaments to the invested interest of IFMA and the FM industry, as well as to the desire to provide quality reports to IFMA members and non-IFMA members.

Should you be interested in participating in or sponsoring any of the below studies,
please contact us for more information. 

NA O&M Qualitative Report

North America Operations & Maintenance Qualitative Report

The 2023 Operations and Maintenance: Qualitative Analysis Benchmarking Report is a comprehensive study that presents the results of the latest Operations and Maintenance benchmarking survey of facility managers throughout the United States and Canada. The key difference between IFMA’s North America Operations and Maintenance Benchmark report 2022 vs the qualitative benchmark report will be the processes used by FMs. While the 2022 report focused on the quantitative side (i.e., cost/per sq ft), the 2023 report focuses on FM process implemented.

Space Planning_ Post-Covid update

Space Planning:
Post-COVID Update

In July 2020, IFMA published the Space Planning Benchmark Report. The Report provided facility professionals and their industry consultants with information to make informed decisions and enhance the value communicated in their next business case. This project will update the reported benchmarks with the latest information while also creating new benchmarks related to facility space planning and management technologies, including sensor usage and the workplace of the future.

Return to work

Return to Work Study

Facility professionals are being called on to provide leadership in how employees return to the office, create socially distanced environments, and enhance the overall workspace (perhaps much more so than in the past). IFMA’s Space Planning and Benchmarking Report found that 57% of more than 1,100 facility professionals did not follow any formal shutdown process, and 43% do not have any formal reopening plans available.

This research project will to evaluate the facility manager’s role in enabling a successful Reentry Program, and will assess the timelines, tools, and lessons learned of bringing personnel back to the office.

FM Succession Planning

FM Succession Planning

The Facility Management profession has faced labor workforce challenges for years. However, preliminary results from IFMA’s salary survey (March 2021) are showing an influx of newer professionals in the workforce. These shifts in the FM workforce demographics highlight the need to capture institutional knowledge while also identifying future high performers as part of the organization’s succession planning efforts. Divided into two phases, phase one will focus on developing tools. Phase two will refine, expand and widely disseminate those tools and resources developed.

Workplace amenities

Workplace Amenities

Physical aspects of a workplace environment can have a direct impact on the productivity, health and safety, comfort, concentration, job satisfaction and morale of the people within it. Important factors in the work environment include building design and age, workplace layout, workstation set-up, furniture and equipment design and quality, space, temperature, ventilation, lighting, noise, vibration, radiation and air quality. IFMA’s report will provide a key source for what management and employees want in the workplace amenities in 2023 and beyond.

12 cities study

12 Cities Study: Operations & Maintenance, CRE Insights, Salary & Compensation

Facility professionals and mid-to-large FM service providers frequently seek leasing, salary information and facility operations data for major geographic regions throughout the world. IFMA’s study will collect these metrics for 12 of the most populated cities/ metropolitan statistical areas throughout the world, filling in the data gap for the built environment.

The 12 Cities include: 

  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Delhi, India
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • New York City, New York, USA
  • San Paulo, Brazil
  • Shanghai, China
  • Toronto, Canada




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